Microsoft Explore Internship: A Remote Experience Self-Reflection

The technical and personal aspects about what I learned this summer. My heart and mind opened up a lot :-)

Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington! I visited during my onsite interview in November 2019
Some of the interns on my team: Cooper, Audrey, and Cindy!

Some highlights were…

Microsoft hackathon team! Designers, developers, and machine learning scientists worked together to create a Figma plugin to make it accessible for those particularly that struggled with keyboard and mouse use
Inclusion conversation! I met with a developer, Curtis and a Bob of my product group leadership team to discuss lived experiences and allyship within Microsoft

A Day in the Life: The Remote Experience

“Even though I make mistakes, if I make progress everyday I can become a better person”​ — Vivien

What I did well…

by listening to feedback from the full time engineer’s perspective and questions, I would become a better developer, presenter, and teammate.

Part of the in-person internship I missed was an element of randomness.

I put my best foot forward in choosing battles wisely and letting most annoyances slide — putting project and work goal over my emotions.

This internship taught me I should…

During the internship, I had to lay out all my mistakes and learn along the way in front of everyone.

Asking for help broadly then being referred to the right person would have saved me days of time.

Always add 2 weeks to whatever you think a deadline will take.

Some pictures I took on the last day of my internship with some Microsoft swag and the Seattle skyline!

Some skills I picked up were…

I appreciate…

If I could go back and fix my mistakes…

By next internship I want to…

Most importantly, I learned my career, and academic goals are not everything

What do you want to accomplish by next year non-career related?

Some of the amazing sunsets I saw this summer



👩🏻‍💻 | writing the random things i would write in google docs but **aesthetic**

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Kendall Nakai 🌸

👩🏻‍💻 | writing the random things i would write in google docs but **aesthetic**