Reflections, lessons, and challenges from my Summer 2021 Internship

Some highlights were…

Some pictures taken from Microsoft Teams calls with fellow interns

What changed between this and last internship

Words of wisdom along the way

“A document is never a one-person thing. If one person writes it, it’s an opinion.”

“Before you agree to an ask, always get more information. When you agree, hold people accountable to engage and give feedback.”

“Nobody should go to a meeting by themselves. Always have a second set of ears from your team to listen.”

“Know a lot of things and be humble.”

Reppin’ Microsoft :-)

My discoveries

empathize define ideate prototype test build

What was difficult

“When I expressed enthusiasm for the project, your mode of communication was not inclusive. I acknowledge you are busy so if this project is you’re okay to contribute to, let me know.”

What went well

That’s a wrap!

My senior year

Runaway by Yetep, True Feeling by Galantis, and Look at the Sky by Porter Robinson

Summer memories

I appreciate

Some pictures taken from the first and last time I was on Microsoft campus (November 2019)



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