The technical and personal aspects about what I learned this summer. My heart and mind opened up a lot :-)

Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington! I visited during my onsite interview in November 2019

This summer I was an Explore intern at Microsoft. The Explore intern role is where a first or second year in college is placed in a “pod” of 2 other Explore interns and together they learn the role of software engineer while rotating through being program manager.

In this piece…

Reconnect and realign with nature, others, and yourself. An app tackling home isolation to help transition exercise habits due to COVID-19. Learning about mobile information systems through research then applying them by creating a product.

Made with 🏃by Ilmaa, Kasey, Kendall, Kenny, and Natalie

COVID-19 impacted people in many ways, from mental health to their daily way of life. We specifically wanted to tackle home isolation and the way people’s exercise routines were affected. …

Redesigning the way 1000+ members interact with the ACM UC San Diego Membership Portal

ACM was the first student organization at UC San Diego to create an in-house membership portal. It is now used by 1000+ members within ACM’s first year since founding.

I was part of an ACM Design team project to redesign and create new features on the ACM Membership Portal for…

They say do what you love and I love boba so I designed a boba app

Made with 🍵 by Amy An, Emily Nguyen, Kendall Nakai

Boba or bubble milk tea is a tea drink with numerous toppings availible, from tapioca balls to egg pudding. For me, it is an obsession, if I could go to a boba shop and pick it up as much as a coffee lover goes to their local coffee shop does…

Learning about the civics of San Diego from the perspective of micro-mobility safety in urban environments

Back in February, my friend and teammate, Amy and I were researching micro-mobility for our special interests design class in civic design.We learned a lot in this process of going on field observation trips, sending out online surveys, conducting interviews, and going through empathy exercises. We were trying to understand…

🐔It really is more than just chicken: a reflection

Originally written on June 20, 2019. Posted to Medium on December 25, 2019.

A few days ago, I turned in my Chick-Fil-A uniform and resigned as a Front-of-House Associate. As I was leaving, it was bittersweet to see many of the…

Evolving Yelp’s messaging feature into a more engaging experience through group polls and clickable restaurant cards.


I collaborated alongside a team of three in the course, Data-Driven UX/Product Design to research, design, extend a feature to and redesign the popular mobile application, Yelp.

After reading the Atlantic article, “The Important…

Kendall Nakai 🌸

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